September 15, 2008

up for grabs

the future is up for grabas
said my friend erik neumann
erik is not a cardiologist
actually he dropped out of med-school
but he made an awful lof of money with the internet
and sometimes that gives him the right
whose future?
what's up?
there's no such thing as a free lunch
what is the future?
what's up?
it don't make any sense talking about the future
the uncertainties of life
to people who think they shaped their own
the future is not up for grabs
because time, that you can never grab
time flows and spills
and the future, so elusive
has a stubborn tendency to turn into the past
flowing and spilling, elusive - we're never there

marisa everly (Memphis, TN, 1979)


The Mad Celt said...

Nice work.

chad said...

i liked the carver reference at the very beginning, but then it's just the usual compendium of common places regarding time and cheap bedroom existentialism banter. would like to see some real debate in the comments section... not just the "nice work" or "i liked it" stuff...