September 29, 2008

steal and conceal

lit the long cigarette again, your pillow is
an overused ashtray; split
my mind in two, the easy tremble
of a wish unfulfilled

the heart is a lonely hunter with nra membership

rumble hits the floor,
the lightweight champion,
shouting from a crowd, the roads not taken
because of the roadworks not the indecision
(robert frost is in my freezer)
time to wonder

spend and cut the flesh
spill the syrup
smell the blood and sell
your organs on ebay
bid for bits of me
bid for bites of life
bid for time lost
which is lost for good

why don't you go recherche yourself?

you feel hungry
and you are so scared
repeat with me
you are hungry
and scared: how bizarre

catch me on tape, the glitter, shining motorcycles
and your platinum credit cards
paying for unused dreams
celebrities in jeopardy
the monopoly of glamour
the kid outside the window

no hollywood dreams, no airplane food,
no gas stalkers, no clonazepam honeymoon,
no taxicabs, no anger, no vibrating dildos,
no kettle, no time, no more time, no guantanamo bay,
no downpayment, no anaphora

repeat with me
you are hungry
and scared
how bizarre

alvin ehrlich (Austin, TX, 1980)


The Mad Celt said...

Outstanding! Beautiful words from such Darkness.

Anonymous said...

two words: BO - RING