September 16, 2008


a friend of mine just got back from south america
he told me there you can get
a blowjob for two dollars
not from some malnourished aborigine
but from a cute, educated, young girl

i can’t remember now which country it was
but anyway, i say we take over them
and have them brush our shafts
while singing the star-spangled banner

o! say can you see
that all these is for free
but then somebody
has to pay for it
can you see?

rob giuliani (Boston, MA, 1976)


jellyboy said...

this is raw and brutal in the way raw and brutal poetry should be written... sick and disgusting, morally corrupt, tearing at the seams. a ticking bomb, a nanosecond before exploding.

great work

The Mad Celt said...

Mr. Giuliani...well done.