September 26, 2008

eye candy

Look again for you just missed a zillion
Bursts of fishered eyes,
A million miles and counting
Broken, blinking, unsurpassed

Livid jets of neon paint, eye candy
Leaning over lackluster weather
In this early Fall eager to make us
Trip like her with no elegance

Because elegance was lost
But the war was won
And that's what ultimately
Matters, you see?

You need more gas for
Blind aesthetics so you don't blink
And curb your ethics
Over the odds of loosing

And I'm sure you'll get an entry
On Wikipedia while you last
Your wishes are commands
Not heard by anyone, or maybe we do

Pretending we don't care
Truth is nobody cares anymore
'Cause someone must be paying our bills,
The never ending mortgage of this world

Still we have the jets
Criss-crossing the sky above
But not that much
For the fuel surcharge

Celebrate again we should
With profit lust and while the APLs blast,
Some gay porn would make me happy
Since the real intercourse is lame

Do they know imma ne'er-do-well?
Have they smelled my armpits expel
The fragrance, stinking flowers they repel
Until they choke and die

Giant screens for that matter won't make
You nor them healthier and live longer
Asking over Twitter once again the same old question:
Will it blend?

uriel zeminsky (New York, NY, 1983)


The Mad Celt said...

Isn't that the truth? Nice work.

poetess said...

interesting piece... it definitely can be read in a myriad ways, and somehow conveys the idea of the title. nice work uriel ;)

jane_eerie said...

whoa... very very interesting. great piece.