September 30, 2008

oh well

Plastered by the yellow gaze
She looked annoyed, disgrace
How is it when you falter?
I don't know, she said
Good Lord, and the singing
was all around, prayers for our dead ones
It was time to go and she called it quits,
Knew well they were both in it together
No more
Now you long and love is torn
Nothing you can do to fix this mess we are in
Dear, I beg your pardon?
There's nothing you can do to fix it
Forgive me if I'm not
As damn perfect as you are
The air stood still and I could feel
A heart bit, the one for the zero
Is it me leaving or you going?
Well, it doesn't fell at all bad.
Are you leaving?
The head aches.
Nobody remembers what happened.
There is no justice.
I parked my car outside, walked for some minutes three minutes.
I wish my head exploded now.
I wish I could sleep three hours.
Oh well.
It goes without saying
And it goes off; you dwell
In panic, sterilised
I'm not here for the prize
I'm only taking a break

nicole davis (Seattle, WA, 1990)


chad said...

"I wish my head exploded now"... tell *me* about that. I feel like that all the time. And writing poetry doesn't always make the cut.