September 2, 2008

dad came home

dad came home
he never does during golf season
so i guess something must be wrong
but he smiles
looks happy as ever
his membership at Augusta
was cancelled without warning, he tells me
and he laughs dryly, asks me if I want
to join him for lunch; something must be
really wrong

mom is abroad
in Switzerland i think
she couldn't get a room at the same spa her girlfriends were staying
but she managed to book something a few miles away
just to be there, couldn't afford not to
she texted me before she left; that's the thing
with these overseas pamper parties
you need to play along
you have to be there

my credit card got rejected
when i ordered my klonopin
is everything okay, dad?
he smiled
looking happy as ever
and only now i can see all of his smiles
are in fact the cracks all over the façade
of this sumptuous life of ours

dad came home
and the whole world seems to be falling apart
but we play along
we have to

emily thompson (New York, NY, 1990)


Anonymous said...

i find it hard to empathise when this is obviously coming from a spoiled rich girl...

Admin said...

As one of our readers pointed out recently, we should not assume the lyric subject of a poem is the author himself... but on top of that, we welcome poetry written by poets from all walks of life, so if Emily happened to be, as you say, "a spoiled rich girl", that would have nothing to do with the quality of the piece she submitted and we decided to post. Hence, your comment is totally out of place.

We don't like the use of fallacious ad hominem arguments against our collaborators.

Share, exchange, debate, but always with respect.

Thank you.

tiffany said...

a few years ago my dad had his membership canceled without notice as well when they learned he had involvement in the enron scandal. somebody should do something about this. it is really unfair.

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Peter Missios said...

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