September 3, 2008

the raw cabin

late that night and after
a good three days hike
we got to the cabin,
it was dark

you forgot your flashlight
i thought i hadn't brought mine
but i might
a fight ensues

you see footprints where i see paws
you see scratches where i see claws
you disguise your fears
i hide my awe

this lost cabin is the end of it all
lost in the forest
lost and raw
who has pulled the shortest straw?

right when you expect the slasher movie outcome
nothing happens, we are blank
and desperate
it's so cold outside

you hear accusations
and silly voices
get a grip
cut the nonsense

a cabin is the end
lost in the forest
painfully stark

terrence benz (Boulder, CO, 1990)


The Mad Celt said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

gosh, this is pretty awful. pretentious and badly written. the future looks bleak for american poetry....

Pearly said...

This is great info to know.