December 2, 2008

rude little girl

She shy but She shoots
hits target anywhere
leans against the purple wall
runs off in taxi cabs
models her own little world of broken stars
fancies a leaf out of gold medals
loves tv her blank stare

rude little girl
She talented and brave
but She won't dare admit what She spares
drawing loveless figures, period pieces,
pleasures gone wrong, visions turned bitter,
trimmed fingernails, vacation at will,
caged in fear, haunted, coveting

when you decide not to say hello anymore
don't forget I stood right there
when you decide to turn your back on me
don't forget the pain we shared
and one day, when you realize you have it all
don't you regret our trips together
don't you dare say I did not care

I was pierced and silly I know
and still very often I dream about you
rude little girl
our sudden trips and long goodbyes
I guess it was a big mistake

but enough I remember to say:
She not shy
She lost and wounded
from greater pains
She cannot bear
from older pains
She'll never share

vivian woods (New York, NY, 1982)