December 4, 2008

return of the prankster

for Marcia Walker

we don't want collision
not even late admission
since beverages are not included
and i'm thirsty and a professional stalker
a horndog with certified pedigree

women run scared and i've shown
only the tip of the melting iceberg
hell is cozy but rates are soaring
hell, i'm cleaner than politicians
and some kinky priests i've met

have you seen a monk in briefs?
they look funny yet scary
my soul will rot not before long
if i had a bullet inside
at least i'd be the poor man's iron man

the prankster is not funny anymore
the prankster got online degrees as
heavy duty sinner for the cynic age
lightweight telemarketer for the digital age
unionized actor for the porn age
(there eric, this is the porn age)

touch yourself, touch evil,
washed out sperm from the nation's couches
eating from dumpsters
squeezing squirrels for the fun of it
going to hell in a two stroke japanese bike

sodomize the squirrel
fuck the prankster
he's so over the top it's overkill
call it a day, call it an age

this is the porn age
and it feels so great i'm jacking off

ralph p. giddens (Minneapolis, MN, 1975)


Anonymous said...

lol! :)

chad said...

how screwed up is this?

dale_Q said...

it would be great if you could explain how this piece of crap matches with the sort of thing you look for in poetry submissions

now, really, you have to be kidding