December 18, 2008

honey bear

after truffles we met
in pecan toffees we laughed
and slurping ice cream
remained silent, coy

I was prone and he was eager
but still we stood
four fruit jelly blobs away
from a first and only kiss, cherry

the grass felt like spikes
his shirt was stained, chocolate
there was mint in the air
and he was hot pepper

only one kiss
a fruitful red and cherry kiss
turned him into a wild bear
a young bear, unaware of the perils

of daring into the hive
sticking his nose
the honey pours
sweet savoring

ready for sting

audrey villisac (Indianapolis, IN, 1988)


Anonymous said...

your editing criteria becomes a bigger and bigger mystery to me every day...

Alice said...

this is hot, and funny. great job