December 15, 2008

night lights

null is all, twenty somethings
bored, starved unhappy
a pocket grin sour
crippled athletic
a balancing act for decibels
pushing eardrum, a pin-up girl,
a skeleton dream
night lights

null is legions of them taking over
filling the gap, clearing the social
divide, saying we are this whether you
like us or not
whether you starve as well but live
night lights tearing the sky open
and again, we are etherized

null is crap mind bending tunes
peeing the walls
peeing the stores
peeing your American dream
and your American bidet
saying we are peeing our hot yellow pee over you
whether you like it or not
these are our very own home brewed fireworks

night lights
a plastic hope for the masses
amazing giant ant colony
cheap soda
rubbish all over
black sand is the shore
of languid brown river
illuminated by night lights

one deadly summer morning
a party of zombies
a piercing stomach ache
headlines and helicopters
bleeding nose
the sparks of Eden in lackluster comeback
noses up in the air pointing to the sky
to see nothing

to hold hope up in the air
like rotten corpse

christopher jenkins (Augusta, ME, 1976)