December 5, 2008

a girl named yasmine

pearling away in the blue waters
against a giant rock
a piece of my heart hanging
from the wall

dwelling into cities underwater
fish, sand and amazement
for all this was here since
a snap after the beginning of time

a clock ticks and burns morale
magic wands turning your feet away
humming songs unheard
she then walked in, like swimming

she was a smile
a ray of light piercing into your stomach
melting your every sorrow

i dive again looking for pearls to match her eyes
yasmine turns serious for the first ten seconds
where you heading at?
i don't know, i'm resting now

hit me in the head
shake my boiling blood
and take me by the hand
shall we ride bikes?

yasmine brings the summer
though she is nothing but spring
and letters with fragrance
of a name so dearly remembered

again i try get hold of her
one arm at least
the child within whines for attention
then she levitates

wind entails and gale becomes
a clouded nightmare
isn't the weather crazy, she asks?
the rain makes yasmine come down

lightning tells us go away
families rush
we walk slowly
and i can't wait

thomas flack (Tacoma, WA, 1978)