August 24, 2016

more riddles

why did the maiden fuck the young priest?
because he seemed like a nice, decent man

why did they do it in the sacristy?
because it was readily available

why did the novice sucked the mother superior's pussy?
because she was told to do it, or else

why did she then go back to her cell and sucked another novice's pussy?
because she kinda liked her

why did the rural priest fucked the farmer's wife?
because they are a couple, have been it for 15 years now, and actually the farmer's son is his

why did the young prostitute fuck the old priest?
because she got paid in cash

what did john bellow said to his son the day he died?
enjoy your life, work hard and eat well because one day it could all be taken away from you

ava grünberg (New York, NY, 1971)