August 29, 2016

good riddance (pencil sharpener)

A good pencil sharpener
Is all I need
To put the words on paper
The words that fill my feather head right now

Metadiscourse — such a turnoff

My rattling shattered head
Guts telling me “go!”
Brains shouting “don't!” right away

Obvious — Guts always beat brains

And I'm like:
How stupid is that?
How a poem happens?
How deep is the Marianas Trench?

Lazy, lazy, lazy — Since you ask, 36,201 ft, but it is disputed

An upright generation of vegan teetotalers
Animal rights activists
Cleavage flouting cynics
Rallying from the comfort of a smartphone screen

You among them, darling — I am really getting tired of this

A good pencil sharpener
Is all I need
To put down to paper
What happened during six months
In our beloved studio apartment

I'm done here. Done — Good-bye and good riddance

Before it all became ashes in a plastic ashtray
Before the meltdown

gordon borgan (Boston, MA, 1978)