December 31, 2009

see you next year

the year is now almost over and we feel proud and satisfied with what YAP was in 2009, our second year online. of course, this could have never happened without you: contributors, readers, fellow bloggers and friends. thank you all very much! see you again in 2010.

Happy New Year!

The Young American Poets team

December 8, 2009

middle-aged man

middle-aged man
carrying a backpack
can't be up to any good

why isn't he
wearing a suit
riding first class amtrak

winning the bread
setting the example
doing what a man has to do

he don't have the answers

middle-aged man
carrying the worn-out backpack
can't be looked up to

wanders in random circles
shabby but not unkempt
for he stands up in battered dignity

carrying around his own life
which aside from that old backpack
is all he got now

glenn peters (Omaha, NE, 1971)

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The Young American Poets team

December 6, 2009

dead end

Morose mornings are usually
caught on endings and shortcomings,
if you'll excuse my language:
it's the same bed but a different nightmare

A grizzly bear and a bleeding wound
likely to get infected by scores, lists,
diary entries as in thousands of them,
hidden text and verse unearthed

Appendix A: Musings of the rotten corpse
Appendix B: Handling third party tantrums
Appendix C, not listed (tear and wear marks, torn pages)
Epilogue: A long goodbye for Molly H.

Just as you got here, I'm off to nowhere
I'm of no use as a quite predictable narration
voiced over in stretched out lines
a setlist penned in a dried out dry pen
Ain't that funny, huh?

Pour some money here and some more there
the old joy of giving with renewed pleasures
and concealed stealing strategies
getting tricky and trickier by the minute

Sloppy to do lists, penned with fresh blood
and utter nonsense for sexy vamps,
old videos, Angus Young in shorts,
old enough to freak me out, a creep

Watermarks saying 'fire!'
a dead-end book for ghostly nights
scared, bored and setting the threshold:
no guns to tote, no will, not dangerous

but for the hardcovers

leonidas krull (Warsaw, IN, 1974)