October 31, 2008


Lately I've been absent from my duties as friend and daughter
My spirit is wandering miles away from here
Looking for you

Please know I am still functional
I go to work, return phone calls, even did taxes
By myself for the first time in my life

I've never been abroad so i can't really relate
But I do know I miss you
And I count each and every day

That last postcard you sent from Barcelona
I can tell you feel so happy there
It makes me miserable

You should have warned me
How life sucks when you are gone
Trained me for this awful pain

I've already said I am functional

If you want to stay, do
Make a nice memory out of me
Keep sending postcards

I will go to work, return phone calls, do taxes
And once you are dead inside me
I will bring it to an end as well

And then my soul will stop wandering
Maybe then I start to wonder
What life could have been like

With you

elizabeth block (Greaterville, AZ, 1989)