October 28, 2008

wendy goes to the farmers' market
and speaks to god

Wendy goes to the farmers' market
just as any other day
she handpicks her heirloom tomatoes
and some eggplants
for she is trying some mediterranean recipe
a close friend jotted down for her
yes, and some basil too
and there
under an unusually warm day in September
she's almost ready to leave
when she hears this voice
sounds like Tom, his neighbor from downstairs
but it's not Tom
I'm God you silly
he is tucked in between some turnips
she laughs
I don't like red peppers, he says
but I'd love some beets!
Who said you were invited
she says with a laugh
Oh, c'mon! it's the least you can do after
I gave you that smile, brains and the two reasons
you wear a fitness bra even when you're not doing exercise

and she goes ok, ok, ok
now, let me off these turnips

Wendy helped him out
with a grin on her face
and her gracious movements
Wendy is so pretty
I wish I could ask her out someday
so they go back and she cooks
the recipe turns out delicious
it's an italian name and I can't spell it here, sorry
and they have a laugh
and then he offers to do dishes
they have tea and he leaves
the farmers' market closes at three
I go back home

steve konrad (Indianapolis, IN, 1980)


The Mad Celt said...

Nice. Makes me want to go to the market post haste!

Anonymous said...

This is really not funny. Why invoke God for this nonsense? Come on, really... Is this what being avant-garde means? Is this the best our "new poets" can offer? Give me a break.

chad said...

well, i don't think this "God" here is God... IMHO it's the poetic voice not wanting to acknowledge that this busty Wendy girl is flirting with someone else... a good poem, no matter what fanatics say

Anonymous said...

this is pointless and stupid