July 22, 2008

the year of the boob

surviving this year olympic
with a gigantic phone bill and you in beijing
remembering that day you sneezed
and all the goo ended up in the folded napkin
though a bit remained at the tip of your nose
and yet you looked outstanding

i wear your name on a button pin
on my lapel, ever since you train
i watch the news and tivo them for you in case you are breaking
any record or it's just you there anyway
getting medals from those cute asian girls
i get so jealous, for god's sake

free verse, roman verse, no verse
that's what people in the poetry community
are all blogging about
small boobs, natural boobs, lindsay lohan's boobs
that's what people in the chatrooms across america
are all talking about

maybe poetry should address boobs
big boobs, operated boobs, swollen boobs
maybe you should send me a picture of your boobs from china
while i stay awakened
from my memories beshaken
by that last image of you, your boobs, your messy hair
and on tv you look all pixelated

a. m. lussick (Orondo, WA, 1974)