July 10, 2008

head on fire

now you've seen the world how many times now
your voice echoeing, your singing loud
enough is enough you said, you wanted to settle
and i happened to be there, right there

the young lad from overseas ready to hop on the van
and conquer the world
my head was on fire, your head was red
i felt we belonged to each other and i feel like that today

i wanted to be the next thomas stearns
you were already you, gorgeous, fun and so smart
who was i to have the privilege
of being entertained like that

who was i to be there, right there
in the crossroads of our troubled hearts
riding every ride in disneyland
there are no answers, don't look for them now

my head is still on fire
i wonder what color yours is now
i guess you are shining more than ever
a bad memory i have simply become

tom s. legrand (Portland, OR, 1976)