July 30, 2008

she is now dating some brazilian guy

for Amy, with love and regret

chinese food wrappers spread on the floor
spicy nachos, empty bottles, ageless lint
and tucked between the cushions
your goodbye letter, damp

inked in blue, written in a shake
you were still doing coke when you left
i am happily unemployed still
i am stilll a mess like you were with me

i could have never become a father
and while i tried to come to terms with myself
i know i felt with you that itch
i think i was in love

she is now dating some brazilian guy karl told me
and i cried in front of the tv
that's why the letter was wet
stained with the grease of the nachos and the hot sauce

i just wish you well
i hope you are clean
and have plans of having a family
that's what you always really really wanted

ron kenan (Colchester, VT, 1972)


chad said...

i liked it, but i don't really understand why some young writers feel their poetry is cooler or more interesting if they make references to drugs, or how stoned they were when they were writing. i am no bible belt boy, but still i don't completely see the point. still, a nice piece of work.

i am a poet myself, but struggle with public exposition of my writing... oh well

Admin said...

Chad, we appreciate your comments on this blog but remember that opinions must be expressed with respect for the authors and the rest of our readers. Like we always say:

"Share, exchange, debate, but always with respect!"

Thank you.

chad said...

i'm sorry, i didn't mean to offend anyone. i stand by what i wrote, i think gratuitous drug references make our poetry sick