August 15, 2011

the good life

We've lived like squatters
For a couple days
At her friends' house
While they are away on vacation
And the bed squeaks
And the blinds keep the afternoon
Looking as young
As 6 a.m.

"You need to stop talking
about money,"

She tells me.

"We don't have it...
We want it.
And someday,
With a little luck,
We'll have it.
But until we do,
We don't need to sit around
And talk about
How we still don't have it."

I smile,
And wrap my arm around her
In another couple's bed
As the rain and frost mix and slop
All over main street
And I debate this poem
Between each strand
Of auburn hair.

ryan torres (Lebanon, PA, 1987)


pittsburghkid52 said...

Very nice, Ryan. Keep writing -- Chuck

Anonymous said...

very nice ryan...proud of

koppe said...


Anonymous said...

Your time to shine Ryan! Congratulations... Jen

Anonymous said...

Great piece, well done Ryan!