September 21, 2010

they call me hispanic

they call me hispanic, latino, brown
what do they know?

they call me wetback, chicano, tex-mex
they build a wall

they say we're good fo'nuthin', yet use our tax dollars
for pumping petrol in their border patrol

they call me hispanic, latino, brown
mandatory labelling, profiling frenzy

they knock our doors in the middle of the night
asking for josé, for hernán and rita

they won't let our children speak spanglish
and yet they order undocumented fajitas

they send me to eat in the kitchen when company comes,
but I laugh, and eat well, and grow strong

they call me hispanic, latino, brown
they build a wall

silvia arroyo (El Paso, TX, 1972)


chad said...

ms. arroyo does it again, placing ethnicity over poetry and yet getting away with it. i'm amazed

young poets said...

Commentators, share, exchange and debate, but always with respect.

Thank you.

The YAP team