May 28, 2010

zombie girl tries sitting at the back of the bus

For some reason, that day, she decided to play
Truth or Dare. She dared.

She leaned over to kiss the blondish boy
and she did encounter

soft, like she thought she would but there wasn’t
any movement as she expected.

She opened her eyes onto her first real penis.
The other kids had had

to prop the boy against the back of the seat
so the zombie girl would be properly

aimed at his crotch. Did she think of crying?
Of throwing up?

What she did was crawl under the seat, swerving
to her right to reach the aisle

before she stood up and walked, without looking back,
to her normal seat at the front of the bus.

jessie carty (Portsmouth, VA, 1975)


Bryan Borland said...

One of my all-time favorite Jessie Carty poems. Maybe because I relate to it so much? A great addition to YAP!

Jessie Carty said...

so glad to have another poem in YAP!

And I'm equally your fan Bryan :)