May 10, 2010

hepatic maelström

You say you're driving thru the Santa Fe mountains
While the nauseating memories of a deep throat accent
Invade your visual field and ears
Westbound traffic follow ramp, yield,
Last exit before bridge ahead

It's been too many years burning miles neglected
And I've followed you from a distance
Moving around for the sake of forgiveness
Apologies that quite never made the cut

Last exit before bridge, roadworks,
Detours, U-turns in the middle of the night
Suspicious calls and empty smiles
Last exit lost and I'd be better off
Just jumping off the bridge
A road not taken

I hear you hauling a bed, bad memories
And a worth seeing record collection
Out in the fields there's bad reception
You're driving thru deep forests,
Across the big damp nation
An escape to the nearest coast
Thru hostile reminders

Neon light binge
Eyes wide open staring at the road
The black scarred road leading you
Further and farther
Across rivers and bridges
Your true last exit to complete redemption

On the phone, of course, there's bad reception
Hepatic Maelström from the abuse at Arby's
Greasy chocolate from the creepy gas station
Vodka bottles loosing traction in the back seat
It seems we're driving our exact opposite ways

Across rivers and bridges
Thru mountains and salt beds
A growing black bile tide indeed
My very own inner Maelström
While you swiftly cruise thru the mountains
And skip for good that last exit
before the bridge ahead

andrew miller (Virginia Beach, VA, 1974)