November 24, 2009

lingering questions still unanswered

What about the unnecessary evils?
The garbage cans
and golden trucks
The mindless grrrl
who'll suck everybody's cock but yours

What about the nutrients in your food?
Vitamin infused yoghurt
edible roots and plants
artichoke hearts
bold assertions
and your hard earned trophy ass

What about the hours spent at the gym?
What about the fragrance coming from your armpits
after two hours pulling levers
being the fittest for survival
a treadmill nightmare ignored

What about the pain unknown?
What about the unforgivable desire
to pound your ass
to tear your blouse open

What about the unkempt desire
to posses your flesh for good
to be certain at last
and crave you not more

What about the stakes we held together?
What about the promises you made
the enacted pity and childish sorrow
About all those silly poems
and the sickness trail you left behind

For goodness sake
What about it?

paul christo (Olympia, WA, 1979)