November 13, 2009

gossip schmuck, angry duck

I get the boat afloat
Top of the class
Chocolate a mouthful
Beer maybe, pot sometimes

Discerning adults and gamblers
Would say I hit a double run
The loveliest girl in town
How can she do any harm?

Then the rumors make
Enough noise to shake
The trees and thunder prevails
She's a total slut

You cope with that bull
From the usual schmucks
But they make you angry
Now you are an angry duck

Watch out for mayhem
And sober up your act
This wunderkind is pissed
This feathered gut is hard

Kids are cruel, nevermind
The bollocks or the sick
And envious with no plans
For a life, wasted wandering

What the future would be like
And they say there is no future
Just like they said I was a smut
On a used car windscreen


The angry duck ducks in the water
No offense taken, seriously
Gotta sail to new horizons
Shanks and feet are paddling hard
And you can keep wondering
How it all happened
But please do me a favor:
Get a life

avital roizner (Boston, MA, 1982)