July 31, 2009

pan de carne*

swinging our hungry bodies we stumbled upon Him
those who wanted not to believe
were left in the desert
not wanting to see that there it laid
a wooden tray
with pan de carne*

those who ate survived
those who ate complied
those who ate were saved

faith was the ultimate trench for dignity
and we dug

those who turned their backs
those who laughed
those who laughed harder
we still hear their laughing

but we were there
sharing our pan de carne*
for every bread is made out of Him
and He lives in every crumble


for every bread is made of Him
faith and dignity as one
a vow for the simplest recipe:
be strong

silvia arroyo (El Paso, TX, 1972)

* Editor's note: meat bread


Anonymous said...

i've stated it once and i'll say it once again: your selection criteria remains a big, puzzling mystery to me