July 27, 2009

concept unification for pizza time theater

Kabuki kings, hash-chat scenes and gorilla themed
robotics, I love how the Sing
the Dance and Skill wind
like fried junk deoxyribo-blah-blah-blah

It's as if our years of silent
lazy protest and ghosted picket
marches finally pay out. That's right
this one's paying out, and now
our piece of pizza pie just
a bit bigger. The amoebic goo on
our side of the Venn slide swallows up
the poo-poo'ers. The nay-nay's.

First we take Manhattan, two-headed
or bearded or busted-palate or just
plain Weird-Ass Babies, then
we take Nepal. We take 'em all.

james weber jr. (St. Louis, MO, 1976)


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