January 31, 2009

bones of animal tooth

i am not a machine, am
a living, breathing, dopamine fiend
pounding in frame pharaohs with sun blasted god fatigue,
based on some pain when tragedy lined street tenement,
paying minimum, clashing hard against
clavicle bone governmental,

devil run poop chute rool,
someone placed golden rule down
with reality tv,

sickened porn with locks shot off,

who are you, a tyrant ready for war,
leaves on your trees flame, candles dead,
fame built itself up pyramid,
a toilet paper entity, where suburban street curbin
kids place oversized shirts over jeans, loosely speaking,

ballerinas knick knackin your lick lackin paddy wacked silly filament mindset
placed a cowering gorilla with a bazooka future

into a villain pulled smile,
red smeared on dirty dirty white dead man's mask
someone called the joker, our realest satan sarcasm
begging for capitalism beside batman jesus.

who rang your bell and actually wanted your smile
who looked you in eyes hell hung and wanted a response
rather than yes yes my my mmmmm

sleep with your hands close to your face
for tomorrow

matthew wedlock (Taunton, MA, 1984)