November 11, 2008

be it now or be it never

kiss ride play pray
don't swallow spit your pride
blackmail your way
make the ends meet and tell your tale
choose wisely who your enemies will be
'cause they will be your only friends
watch carefully:
expiration dates
system requirements
the small print in contracts
disclaimers and conditions
all is subject to change without notice
accessories not included
batteries not included
picture for illustration purposes only
choose wisely and promptly and then choose again
no you are not blind this is just beginning

let go
let the sounds flow
let the meaning of words dissolve
let the air in, let the poetry out
let go off me
let go
repeat like a mantra
choose wisely who your enemies are
'cause they will be your only friends
fasting blind, dying fast on empty stomach
a sign of the times
a longing siren lamenting it all

hear the sound of words
waving and weaving nothingness
to become something erectile
and then hit the ground like cobblestone
pearls snooker balls

be it now or be it never
be it green or be it grayer
hit the ground
let go
let dissolve

the verse boiled down
watered down the words devoid
and the poetry upholstered
balding one hair at a time
a mantra that speaks of air
and pain bleak sounds that pair
the long awaited promise of candy
and gucci eyewear something fragile
not the type you expected
one size fits all you can handle plus
the shipping after taxes
why'd you care?

slamming down the trees
comparing better monkeys and playing
the piano the muddy keys and score like
faded watercolors
another sweet tragedy too many
for me to bare
my empty knuckle my bare hand awaiting
not giving nor waning
teddy bears with grizzly paws and deadly skins
for winters there across your street
where men die and people stare
the bell goes ding and fuck goes claire
go mix mingle and share
go pray

choose wisely because there is no second place
there is no medal
just a bus ticket back home
ride and kiss
ride as if you dare

bruno smith (Providence, RI, 1974)