August 26, 2008

three haikus

petroleum spill
breaking news, at the beach
a penguin dies on tv

* * *

my parents
they didn’t like roberto
because he was latino

* * *

this bland cosmic hole
you call earth, home, life
my pain and hell is

felicity johnson-clark (Silver Spring, MD, 1982)


warcrafthero said...

cheap and boring. keep trying felicity. at least learn how to count your syllables...

The Mad Celt said...

Poetry is a reflection of the one can tell you what is "good" or "bad". Poetry is in the effort...the content (motion) eventually follows itself. Nice the Words, to our Muses. Peace and joy.

Admin said...

Whether haikus written in English should follow the metric 5-7-5 or not is still a matter of debate, probably one that cannot come to an end because Japanese and English "syllables" are very different. Therefore, Ms. Johnson-Clark is entitled to write haikus just the way she likes.

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