August 6, 2008

shocking news!

my scrotum is getting really huge these days
watch the video
jobless rate attributed to government
massive rod is what you need
to make your beloved lady adore you
learn how to get it!
it's 7:27 am

britney spears and paris hilton are lovers
video proof
are you worthy of wearing this?

Microsoft has paid Facebook $1 billion
to get access to their database
buy it for your girlfriends and boyfriends
experience greater control and order
with immense weapon of love
and a fascist government

if you love life don't waste time
for time is what life is made up of

spongebob denies reports that hes gay
be with me and over 2.100.000 players
playing the casino
receive 300 euros free
get a tight package today
make your shaft longer and harder
gain in diameter and strength
you won't have to put a sock in your trunks
on a beach

fat chinese man kills and eats brother because he was hungry

david weinglas (Montevideo, MN, 1978)


The Mad Celt said...

This speaks powerfully of the Roman Circus we have going in this country. I like it...nice work.