June 11, 2008

to a poet five minutes hence

for James Elroy Flecker

i who am still living
and just posted these sweet verses on the net
saw you logged into messenger
but your status was out to lunch

i care not if you do porn
or dive secure e-commerce sites
or leech in alienated chat rooms
of boredom or out of lack of some real intimacy

but have you beer and illegal mp3s still
and viruses and a life size inflatable doll
and depraved thoughts of food and pills
and players to them net games aloft?

how shall you conquer? like katrina
that breaks levees and the poor drown
and old mcdonald had a farm
said he there had some weed should we go

o friend unsigned, unranked, well known (i just googled you)
student of our sweet Chinese tongue
read out my words at night, online:
i am a poet, i am young

since i just saw your facebook
and added you as my friend
i send my soul as an attachment through wires and space
to greet you. you will download

steven h. connely (Portland, OR, 1973)

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