June 27, 2008


ok, so it goes like this
let's say you haven't had sex with your girlfriend
for at least a month
forget about the reasons
sometimes you need to forget to stay alive

and then, an accident
something you had not planned on
but you cheat on her
with a prostitute
a young beautiful prostitute
petite, brunette
the type of girl you really get crazy about
you spot her, go upstairs and do her

it turns out she's smart
and it's her first week there
you fall for her
you really really fall in love
you go back
you love your girlfriend
but you keep going back
paying for it
and you pay
I'm not talking 'bout money now
you just pay
with your life

take batman, for instance
nothing like this would have ever happened to him
first, because he is crazy
he's had these beautiful chicks
who even make passes at him
gorgeous women
kim basinger
michelle pfeiffer
nicole kidman
katie holmes
ok, not katie holmes, but anyway
he's a millionaire
and he's disturbed
like, they fuckin' killed his parents when he was a kid
and he can't do woman

so, nothing like this would have ever happened to batman

gee, batman

how I hate that guy

val ordoñez (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1982)