November 22, 2011

eulogy for a clock

A clock, a near perfect mechanical invention,
a device that can measure all of time,
accurate, to seemingly godly perfection,
a creation that's greatness borders sublime.

Cogs, seemingly endless, populate its space,
pushing each other, like a tide,
each knows their function, and where is their place.
Seeing this all, I was mystified.

But there was one flaw, a hesitation
in the clock; a single error.
I tried to fix it, to achieve perfection;
but plunged the clock into despair.

The perfect creation has been destroyed,
the cogs, ruined, never to turn again.
It was great, until I interfered;
with my meddling, I've ended their world.

jeremy lockhart (Port Orchard, WA, 1992)


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Matt Alan said...

This is great!

Erik Taylor said...

Truly exquisite! I must say Mr Lockheart is someone to watch. I would place all bets on him to become a poet of great importance in the 21st Century.