April 12, 2011

on the historical accuracy of your biopic

As much as you try to forget me
Burning letters, pictures,
Turning the common ground of our memories
Into scorched earth

You just can't erase me from your past
Have no doubt, princess
I'll be the stain you can't get rid of
Researchers, historians -- they will find me

I may not become a paragraph
Maybe not even a line
But at the very least
I'll be a footnote in your biography

Then it will be a question of time

Just let some lame script writer
In need of flesh, drama
For your otherwise uneventful biopic
And there you have me, handsome as ever

Haunting you on the screen
Seducing you
Being the most good-looking
And biggest mistake you ever made

jonathan rothko (St. Louis, MO, 1975)


MercyRain said...

There is something wrong about this, and yet it still feels right... bitter satisfaction perhaps? entertaining nevertheless :)

Mari said...