December 20, 2010

winter ramblings -- part iii

Movers and shakers all hooked on Paxil
And the rest of us left to our own devices
Anything but the truth was not enough
A burden over strained shoulders

There's no such thing as an easy winter
Here in the Northern Plains
Weather Channel tuned the clock around
Noodles, bagels and franks
Noodles, bagels and franks
20 inches of snow

And she said:
For the soul is an empty auditorium
filled with ancient echoes
and ragged velvet seats

And the TV said:
How does one define a Utopian world
And Utopian experiences?
Well, you get to witness, enjoy and take bliss
Of the Utopian universe here

And the Internet said:
The sexiest escort walking
Hand in hand with you at your command
You can have her with you
For a splashy massage
A fragrant shower
Or even for physical entertainment

And I said:
Everything I've lent is lost now

g.r. butler (Des Moines, IA, 1977)


Emily said...

Something drew me here.
I don't know what, but I will
try my best to know...

Your poem is a
good one. I think it follows
trains of thoughts nicely.

Sometimes I feel like
the way your poem's written--
wandering in thought.

Anonymous said...

Kind of thematically reminds me of a previous poem on this site, "Bring It On."

Anonymous said...

The winter snow in New York buries cars. I'm feeling that line about the winter.