September 9, 2009

chunky bits

crumbling the way the cookie does
in cherished chimes and chalk fries
for afterhours, chattering

bathed in chili fire from the
changing shades of charcoal amber
chocolate, lingerings on the aftermath

clasp by overheated moans and road rumble,
laying on the backseat chock-full,
chunky bits of chips ahoy churned and spread


there laid the juicy chunks, chunky bits
of chocolate pleasure rolling into cleavage,
tickling, chaste and chemical

riding choir girls to the verge, caressing
collar bones and choosing the now over the latter
chaps, chasing crystal pleasures

challenging the sudden change of terms
from children to young men and women
chuckling, chilled to the bones and lacking

chinese wisdom and magic, in need of a charger,
chainsawed, a dead chapter gone, chilled and
curious enough to choke on fear


jordan rial (San Francisco, CA, 1983)