May 13, 2009

the world's worst day

say one day a giant thumb
hovers over covers the sky
crushes you
with no mercy

well that's what happened to the bug
crawling on my wall today
now a barely noticeable stain
against the already stained wall

outside it pours
inside it leaks
constant drilling
this surely looks like the world's worst day

not for the bug
cause she is not among us anymore
(yes, it was a she, I can attest)
I mean, for me, the world's worst day

overcast weather makes elmo sad
a giant thumb in the sky crushing everybody
thin spiky rain, no mercy
another bug crawls and I'm on my way to the bus stop

eddie modernell (Ann Arbor, MI, 1984)


Anonymous said...

"outside it pours
inside it leaks" =

makes me think of bug guts.

I also like that you've bestowed feminimity on the poor bug. I instantly worry about her orphaned children (assuming Daddy Bug met a fly swatter or the bottom of a shoe).

A good read.