March 24, 2009

difficult dogs

belts and leather carry nest
over shoulders, back scrape,
feather ton, neck rub,
lacan wins,
let loose and wonder,
wander around the house,
rub the neck, wicked spread

i got difficult dogs

i say so

hurry, pelt, feast and rest
difficult dogs are not pets
a mind can bend a horizon
spare a plead, turn into a boil,
let the lizard do the work for you,
chunks of plaster, i go blaster
in a timely fashion

i got difficulties

i say so

find lodge at the ymca
find you until i haven't slept
talk to Johanna on the phone
page Liz, call Joe, wander around the house
looking for something to snack on,
the endless barking drone,
it could be Sunday, stop the blame

i mend on purity

have it my way

andrew flaherty (Essex Junction, VT, 1986)